Welcome to Apartamentos Buenos Aires!

Winner of the Gold Medal at the VIII Jalisco Architecture Biennial and selected as one of the 139 most outstanding works to be built in Guadalajara since its founding by ARQUINE magazine in its GUÍA DE ARQUITECTURA GUADALAJARA, APARTAMENTOS BUENOS AIRES is located in a culturally dynamic part of the city, between the Minerva and Chapultepec districts.

The building is divided into two modules, each with four floors, and has a large parking structure in the basement and a terrace commanding superb views of the city, where residents can meet or relax with a good book. An easy balance is struck between these common areas and the apartments themselves, whose large windows serve as a source of natural light and ventilation, conveying a sense of community, yet affording residents sufficient privacy.

Apartamentos Buenos Aires is located in what was once the WEST END district (today Ladrón de Guevara), which was urbanized in the Twenties. Hemmed in by the historic, tree-lined avenues of Hidalgo, Justo Sierra, Morelos and Vallarta, the apartments are just a short walk from Av. Chapultepec, Glorieta Minerva and the city’s Lafayette and Americana districts.


Standing on Av. Hidalgo, one block from Av. Américas and two blocks from Av. Vallarta, virtually every part of the city is within easy access by foot, car or public transport. The bus that stops right in front of the building takes you to downtown Guadalajara: Degollado Theater, cathedral, Cabañas Cultural Institute and museums.

Nearby places

  • Teatro Degollado - 18 MIN.
  • Centro Histórico Guadalajara - 15 MIN.
  • Templo Expiatorio - 10 MIN.
  • Paseo Chapultepec - 5 MIN.
  • Centro Magno - 5 MIN.
  • Glorieta Niños Heroes - 5 MIN.
  • Barrio Santa Tere - 6 MIN.
  • Minerva y Arcos Guadalajara - 5 MIN.

Public Transport

  • 300 Bus Route
  • 400 Bus route
  • 3 Bus line route PreTren
  • UBER

Architecture Biennial

“The Gold Medal [at the VIII Architecture Biennial] went to the Buenos Aires apartment project on Guadalajara’s Av. Hidalgo. Designed by Sergio Ortiz and Antonio Ramírez, this is a work of the highest standard that reveals the architects’ efforts to integrate it with the fabric of the city; the careful solution of the two apartment blocks and the design of each. Also noteworthy is how a restricted selection of materials has been used to create such striking facades.”

Antonio Toca.

"The building is comprised of two volumes divided by a central courtyard and connected by a series of pathways. The patio is the void that at once cushions the impact of the city and lends the complex a feeling of expansiveness. The pedestrian access is via a side corridor, while the steps up to the entrance lead to the central courtyard via a long, open passageway. The building’s formal language is defined by the construction of its horizontal plane in relation to its vertical one, and the layout of the windows, handrails and shutters, while the choice of materials—exposed concrete, strips of volcanic stone placed edgewise, steel black aluminum, natural glass and cedarwood—are what give it presence. These sturdy materials fit in with the area’s formal heterogeneity, yet the subtlety and domestic scale of its architectural elements manage to considerably soften the rigidity of its volumes"

“Guía de arquitectura Guadalajara”. Editorial Arquine.